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    The Robot Won't Bite You, Dear
    Jul. 15, 2003
    Fear of robots and other supposedly
    sentient technology is what
    motivated organizers to host
    ArtBots, held in New York City this
    past weekend. Exhibits included:
    BabyBott looked like a giant baby
    bottle and cooed when it was
    cuddled. Its talent: making people
    take care of it. Tribblation,...

    Why A.I. Is Brain-Dead
    August 2003
    "There is no computer that has
    common sense," says Marvin Minsky.
    "We're only getting the kinds of
    things that are capable of making an
    airline reservation. No computer can
    look around a room and tell you
    about it." AI's biggest deficiency
    right now: "The lack of people with
    an interest in...

    Machine vs. Man: Checkmate
    July 21, 2003
    "There's a scary lesson in these
    contests between the grandmaster and
    his soulless opponents. We are
    sharing our world with another
    species, one that gets smarter and
    more independent every year. Though
    some people scoff at the idea that
    machines could become autonomous,
    remember it wasn't long ago...

    Fat Pipe Dream
    August 2003
    A new gigabit Ethernet network
    provides Internet access to Japanese
    homes at 12 megabits per second --
    eight times faster than what
    Americans are used to -- for about
    $21 a month. The "Yahoo! BB" brand
    service includes voice-over-IP (less
    than 3 cents a minute for a call
    from Tokyo to New...

    Researchers define human gene
    regions highly prone to mutation
    July 15, 2003
    UT Southwestern Medical Center at
    Dallas researchers have taken the
    first step in defining the sites in
    human genes most prone to mutation,
    which eventually could lead to
    discovery of the genetic bases of
    many human diseases. The researchers
    showed that a large fraction of
    human cSNPs occur at...

    Telomere shortening may be early
    marker of cancer activity
    July 15, 2003
    Telomere shortening may be one of
    the earliest and most prevalent
    changes on a cell's path to cancer,
    according to two studies presented
    at the 94th Annual Meeting of the
    American Association for Cancer
    Research (AACR). As cells divide and
    age, telomere DNA is lost and
    telomeres get shorter and...

    UCLA Physicists Create Single
    Molecule Nanoscale Sensor
    June 23, 2003
    Physicists have created a
    first-of-its-kind nanoscale sensor,
    using a single molecule more than
    1,000 times smaller than the
    thickness of a human hair to
    recognize the presence of a specific
    short sequence in a mixture of DNA
    or RNA molecules that could help
    with early diagnosis of genetic...

    Nanotube Transistors Make Memory
    June 13, 2003
    Researchers in Korea have laid the
    groundwork for making nonvolatile
    computer memory out of carbon
    nanotubes. Arranged vertically, the
    storage devices could be used to
    make nonvolatile memory that stores
    200 gigabits per square inch, which
    is about 200 times the capacity of
    today's memory chips,...

    Weird Web Data Foxes Experts
    June 24, 2003
    Strange packets of data found on
    the Internet are worrying net
    security experts. Some believe the
    packets are part of a new scanning
    tool that maps networks and reports
    vulnerabilities that it finds.
    Efforts to track down the source of
    the large data packets have proved

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