SETI public: Cosmic Call 2003 sent into the galaxy

Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 07:41:20 PDT

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    - ET Phone Home - Ukraine Space Center Reaches Out Across The Cosmos

    YEVPATORIYA, Ukraine (AFP) Jul 06, 2003 - Interstellar communication took a giant leap forward Sunday, when a Ukrainian space center sent several messages across the cosmos hoping to reach extraterrestrials 30 or 40 light years away.


    - Ultracold Molecules Pave Way for Quantum Super Molecule

    Boulder - Jul 7, 2003 - A team of researchers at JILA, a joint institute of the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder, has done the physics equivalent of efficiently turning yin into yang.

    - Jefferson Lab Ready To "GO"


    - China to launch satellites to protect spacecraft against storms

    BEIJING (AFP) Jul 04, 2003 - China is to launch two satellites within a year to probe and predict geospace storms that could threaten spacecraft safety, a senior scientist was quoted as saying Friday.


    - Hawaiian Telescope Team Makes Debut Discovery

    Kamuela - Jul 7, 2003 - Astronomers have observed a young star ringed by a swirling disc that may spin off planets, marking the first published science observation using two linked 10-meter (33- foot) telescopes in Hawaii.


    - Ultrafast Lasers Slice Up High-Quality Brain Tissue Images

    San Diego - Jul 7, 2003 - An interdisciplinary team of scientists, headed by physicists at the University of California, San Diego, has developed a new technique for slicing and imaging brain tissue that makes use of ultra-fast lasers.

    - Understanding The Body's Battle of the Germ

    Los Angeles - Jul 7, 2003 - Researchers at the University of Southern California have moved one step closer to understanding how the body fights harmful antigens – foreign molecules that trigger an immune response.

    - Jefferson Lab's Upgraded Free-Electron Laser Produces First Light

    Newport News - Jul 7, 2003 - Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility have produced first light from their 10 kilowatt Free-Electron Laser (FEL).

    - Britain To Invest In Nanotechnology

    London - Jul 7, 2003 - UK Science and Innovation Minister Lord Sainsbury has announced a cash injection of $150 million (£90 million) over the next six years to help industry harness the commercial opportunities offered by nanotechnology.

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