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Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 19:38:02 PDT

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    So tell me Larry K & Larry Klaes.
    (aka SETI League IFO)

    Why do you insist on looking for signs of ET WAY OUT

    Is it because SETI is safe?

    SETI was a cool concept, for the 1960s but as a
    modern search model is antique at best. To be
    fair collectivey SETI proponents blazed a trail that
    few could. SETI SCIENTISTS paid heavy price to be
    able to converse SETI in scientific domains. There
    are many dumb phuckers out there in the guise of
    scientists. We are all indebted to these selfless
    people who in science name-sake expended themselves
    selflessly. SETV on the other hand, regardless, is
    current, wrt modern tools, modern ideas and proven
    field practice. Myself being (merely, as compared to
    real SETI scientist) an instrumentation engineer, and
    having co-owned [3 people] a scientific military
    research company, Crux Computer Corp..made millions,
    (listed in Forbes). I theorized that it is likely
    possible to detect ET objects using modern tools.
    Myself having observed in daylight in 1965 an object
    at close range (~12 meters). I suspect that I know
    that ET objects are visiting Earth. There's more to
    the story, but, hopefully without sounding too
    commercial, you will have to wait until my book,
    "Instrumentation Strategies for the Detection of
    Exterrestrial Objects" will be published later this
    year. Prior to inventing SIS and later SETV, I
    expended 12 years studying instrumentation methods
    that I reasoned may be useful in the detection and
    analysis of ET objects. One of these being meteor
    objects, as meteors are very similar in behavior to
    suspected ET objects. I further reasoned having
    studied suspected proximal ET object observation
    reports by many THOUSANDS of people who have observed
    ET objects in close proximity that ET objects are
    operating essentially clandestinely.

    I reasoned that so-called "pattern-recognition" may be
    a usefull tool to help discriminate between noise and
    objects not normally found within the Human

    The problem with so-called pattern-recognition is that
    of 'familiarity'. Eric Davis, past physicist for NIDS,
    told me, "an incommensurability exists between Human
    and suspected ET" behavior.

    Statement is ----> brilliant <----

    If you don't know what this means, shut the fuck up,
    and stay out of the conversation.

    (includes scot s.)

    Ok, so what what do we do as curious people?

    Allen Tough has an interesting solution.

    Bruce Cornet also has an interesting idea.

    Who else?

    Interested parties are invited to respond.


    eye of horus

    Founder SETV Search Model

    or another good site:


    It seems that cameras were the
    'personal-instrument' of choice in the public domain
    of the 1950's to 1980s. The personal instrument of
    choice today is the so-called personal-computer

    Safe-SETI, one way to look...SETI Search Model is
    Safe Science.

    Ask yourself this question:
    Would a successfull engineering ET civilization use a
    planetary communication medium for interGALACTIC

    Ask David Wooley, he never bullshits anybody.

    Regarding pattern recognition, if ET are visiting, it
    is likely, (as derived from reviewing 15k
    presorted-sighting reports and presuming that few of
    those 15,000 people were crazy or delusional in their
    observation of
    objects PERCEIVED as not being-from-around-here)
    and that ET objects may either be very efficient
    and/or very stealthy. It seems possible that post data
    analysis of large-array sensor 'farm' data may reveal
    the presence of apparently clandestine ET objects. The
    places I look are in the riometer arrays at nome and
    another is in the lanal geosensor arrays, Earth I
    find is rather plastic. Microbarograph arrays also
    reveal interesting post acquisitition data. Another
    fascinating data source (if the fuckers share)
    is the GCP array, maintained by R. Nelson, et al. at:

    , of which my friend
    Erling is a member, also presents curious data.
    SETV model gets data, use it.

    eye of horus

    SETV Search Model Founder

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    At 02:50 2003-07-01, David Woolley wrote:
    > > But even in this, there needs to be some controls, such as ignition noise
    > > is of no interest to me as are wide band power supply birdies etc.
    >If you expect an answer, please repost on list.

    Done, see above.

    > > > I presume both can be attacked with the fast folding algorithm
    > > >that SETI@Home now uses (they've translated the original, freely
    > available,
    > > >source into C, from Fortran, and optimised it for the cache memory on
    > > >PCs,
    > >
    > > Please tell me more David! I am really into "freely available" things I
    > > can study and test here. If you can point me in the right direction and I
    > > will go digging.

    I have since your first email put some hours into
    SETI@Home looking for information on the fast folding
    algorithm. I have not found anything, so your help
    could be very valuable in finding out what has already
    gone one.

    If you know of any general texts on this subject, that
    are detailed enough that one can implement them with
    out Post Graduate math skills I would appreciate that
    as well.

    > > Larry
    > > VA3LK
    > >
    > > PS in the past when I could not find help I have wandered off for a few
    > > years and found out what I did not know however I am getting older and any
    > > help that keeps me out of some rat holes will be greatly appreciated.

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