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Date: Wed Jul 02 2003 - 05:38:38 PDT

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    At 08:59 AM 7/2/03 +0100, William Edmondson wrote:

    >Are RA wavelengths other than those listed above blocked by atmospheric or
    >physical or parochial/social factors?

    The electromagnetic spectrum is a valuable and finite resource. Commercial
    applications have pretty much staked out all available wavelengths,
    producing a level of RF pollution that makes radio astronomy difficult if
    not impossible in many locations. Radio astronomers fight (usually
    unsuccessfully) to protect the most crucial areas of the spectrum from
    encroachment. Hans' list shows the few very narrow protected segments
    left. There would be other, equally good areas of the spectrum to conduct
    SETI observations, but for Earth's technology making them unusable. This
    is why the IAA Cosmic Study to put a radio telescope on lunar farside is
    far more than science fiction, but a very important scientific reality
    (lacking only funding).

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