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Larry Klaes wrote:

> Most people know about Bruno's views on alien life,
> considered quite radical in his time and place:
> "Innumerable suns exist; innumerable earths revolve
> around these suns in a manner similar to the way the
> seven planets revolve around our sun. Living beings
> inhabit these worlds."
> - from On the Infinite Universe and Worlds, published in 1584
> But did you also know that a Shakespeare character was
> based on Bruno?
> To quote from the above page:
> While excommunicated to England, he is largely credited
> with inspiring the character Berowne in one of William
> Shakespeare’s first London plays, "Love’s Labor’s Lost."
> In the story, Berowne was a sharp-witted attendant of
> King Ferdinand who pledged to devote himself to study for
> a period of three years without the intrusion of such
> physical pleasures as adequate sleep, enough food, or the
> company of women.
> When "Lost" first played, Bruno had already lived in London
> for two years.
> You can read Shakespeare's play Love's Labor's Lost here
> (though I note they spell his name Biron):
> slost_0.html
> And relating Shakespeare to astronomy, a few years back a
> professor said that the play Hamlet was based on the debate
> between the Ptolemy and Copernican views of the Sol System -
> in other words, the debate between an Earth-centered and
> a Sol-centered Universe and the implications regarding
> humanity's true place in the Cosmos. Does anyone have
> more details on this? Thank you.
> Larry

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