SETI seti@home getting impatient

prewar (
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 19:54:00 +0100

The funniest NG letters to be read are now on
alt.sci.seti. Some folk are actually getting impatient
that ET has not yet been found on their that ET has not yet been found on their seti@home
screen saver, after but a few short Earth months.
(I believe the PC count is now 57,000 years of PC time)

How long before they begin to leave in their droves
because ET isn't obliging them with their impatience?
Seti@home is not an all sky search anyway.

When will folk get ET into some perspective, and realise that
he may not be found until their grandchildren are old and
grey! Even if then!! It's gonna be a long haul folks.......
..."Patience is a virtue"

albErT !!

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