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> I believe if any intelligent alien race has the technology to travel in
> interstellar space from world to world then they would be civilized and
> intelligent enough to know the difference between intelligent beings and a
> cow..

Too many assumptions here to list em.
Why does intelligence equal civilization?
Why does civilization imply niceness?
Darwinism implies intelligence equals killing all rivals who threaten your
range or niche.
Why would any species even recognize us as intelligent? Only if we are lucky.
Why does civilization mean anything about whether we are protein or not?
Our human rights may not apply to an "x"an rights.
Don't get me wrong, I don't go to the extreme that communication itself is
impossible, just that it may be difficult to recognize even basic assumptions
involved in communication.


We need to conduct the Search, but we needn't make any assumptions about
their niceness. To do so is as unwarranted as concluding that we are alone in
the universe without conducting an exhaustive search.

John Marcus

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