SETI [Fwd: Paranoia of the alien]

Robert Owen (
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 14:24:53 -0400

Larry Klaes wrote:

> This news reporter is of the obvious opinion that
> any ETI out there may take one look at Earth and
> get that conquerin' feeling, just like us old
> humans often do to each other.
> I continue to maintain that if aliens were truly out
> to "get" us, they either would have done so by now
> or they could still do so with very little resistance
> just by dropping a few well-aimed space rocks and ice
> balls at our major population centers and waiting for
> the dust to settle.
> But with such a vast galaxy - to say nothing of the
> Universe as a whole - and all its resources, what would
> an alien race want with us beyond curiosity of another
> intelligent species?
> Larry

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