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        I believe the open SETI list serves a useful function, I will continue to
monitor and contribute to it, and I am *not* suggesting that anyone abandon
this valuable service to the general public. Those SETI League members who
are looking for a more closely moderated list dealing specifically with the
technology of setting up and operating a SETI station are invited to
consier the closed ARGUS list as an alternative (or supplement) to this one.
        Recently, I erroneously stated that the ARGUS list is open only to
registered Project Argus stations. This is NOT the case, and I regret the
error. ARGUS is open to all SETI League members in good standing. For
those who choose not to join The SETI League, we are grateful that Bob
Cutter continues to provide this forum.
        Some potential SETI League members have said they wanted to see a "sample"
of the traffic on the ARGUS list before deciding to join. Many of the
members' technical articles and guest editorials on The SETI League website
came straight off the ARGUS list, so I invite you to browse our website for
a look at what our members have to offer each other.
        Details about the ARGUS list may be found at

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