SETI: So Many Earths! & Dish Antenna
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The only thing I see that relates this post to Searching for
ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI), is the arrogant and
naive' presumption that other ETI are associated with planets
similar to our Earth or in solar systems. Beyond that, of what
interest is it to a SETI list?

I like the posts if they have relevance to SETI. Though lately
there has been little if anything related to RADIO Astronomy
SETI or any other form of ETI search. It seems that NASA is not
looking for ETI, nor are astronomers.

On another...different subject:


Last call for free pickup of large 3.0 meter satellite dish,
mount, feed horn, LNA, electronics and servo, all in great

Let me know privately,....gee, I'd hate to see this go in the
garbage can, surely there is someone who dreams of constructing
a Project SETI station in the Los Angeles area? I would use it
myself, but I don't do way-out-there-instrumented-SETI. Though
I am proponent for the search model.

Best Wishes,

Walt Williams, 99.09.26
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            "What a wonderful and amazing scheme have we here of
            the magnificent vastness of the Universe! So many
            Suns, so many Earths ...!"

                                              - Christian Huygens


                                   Christian Huygens

        Dutch mathematical physicist and astronomer who proposed
        the wave theory of light. He developed the pendulum
        clock in 1657, discovered polarization, and observed
        Saturn's rings. He made important advances in pure
        mathematics, applied mathe- matics, and mechanics, which
        he virtually founded

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