Re: SETI: news postings

Greg Preston (
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 20:54:37 -0400

I strongly second this appeal!


Richard Burke-Ward wrote:
> I'm confused. Everyone *except* Larry Klaes seems to e posting news items
> on his behalf.
> I know a lot of you appreciate these snippets. Otehrs of you don't. We've
> all had that debate before, and I don't propose to re-open it. However,
> for those of us (like me) who get the news in their own way, it was
> useful to have a way to screen the postings out - because they all came
> from Larry. That's not possible when they are coming from everyone
> *except* him.
> Couldthe folk who are posting this stuff put some distinctive word in the
> title of each of these posts? Or something, anything? Or better still,
> why not just leave it to Larry as before? For those of us who *don't*
> want it, having to scan half a dozen unwanted e-mails a day is a chore.
> Richard

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