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At 04:23 AM 9/25/99 -0400, Robert Owen wrote:
>I have prepared this SETI Chronology [1] to remedy omissions in currently
>available histories;

While your efforts to accurately record SETI history are laudable, you seem
to have omitted the major amateur SETI effort which is the basis of this
very list: The SETI League! The world's premier privatized SETI
observational program was founded in 1994 in the wake of Congress
cancelling the NASA SETI program, accepted its first membership in 1996 (we
now have 1100, in 56 countries on six continents), and launched our Project
Argus all-sky survey in 1996 (initially with 5 stations - we now have 82,
in 17 countries and 27 US states, which probably represents more radio
telescopes than exist in the whole rest of the world, combined!)

>Please note that the remarkable
>"Amateur" SETI research conducted by The SETI League (Project Argus), the
>SARA Project BAMBI, and others are not given the attention they deserve.

OK, so why not?

If you care to add the appropriate SETI League information into the
chronology, and repost, I will be happy to put this material on The SETI
League website.

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