Re: SETI: news postings

David Woolley (
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 12:39:35 +0100 (BST)

> I'm confused. Everyone *except* Larry Klaes seems to e posting news items
> on his behalf.

I've been reccommending that people on the alt.sci.seti newsgroup who
are interested in real SETI discussion should join this mailing list;
however, at the moment they will find very little SETI material and would
be better off reading (or sci.astro?) for the material that
is actually on the list. I think some that have looked may have questioned
my judgement.
I also know that the UK coordinator for the SETI League stopped reading the
list because of the volume; this may have been due to the burst at the
time of last year's hoax, but must of the bulk for a long time has been
the sort of article referenced here. One of the results of this is
balkanisation of the discussion, with each country only talking to

> Couldthe folk who are posting this stuff put some distinctive word in the
> title of each of these posts? Or something, anything? Or better still,

e.g. NOT SETI, which should stop the list processor adding another SETI
and would more accurately describe most of the contents.

I note that Robert Owen has already got himself publicly killfiled by
one person on alt.sci.seti as an indirect consequence of posting some of
this material there (see deja news for the full argument that lead to
this; but it basically comes down to re-posting material without
adequate justification of its relevance to the news group charter, and
which, taken out of context, looks more like UFOs visited the ancients

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