SETI: news postings

Richard Burke-Ward (
Thu, 23 Sep 99 17:49:37 +0000

I'm confused. Everyone *except* Larry Klaes seems to e posting news items
on his behalf.

I know a lot of you appreciate these snippets. Otehrs of you don't. We've
all had that debate before, and I don't propose to re-open it. However,
for those of us (like me) who get the news in their own way, it was
useful to have a way to screen the postings out - because they all came
from Larry. That's not possible when they are coming from everyone
*except* him.

Couldthe folk who are posting this stuff put some distinctive word in the
title of each of these posts? Or something, anything? Or better still,
why not just leave it to Larry as before? For those of us who *don't*
want it, having to scan half a dozen unwanted e-mails a day is a chore.


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