Re: SETI-L: Lucretius & Psionic ET Machines
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> (A final interesting aside: according to Plutarch, one of the
> preevolutionary tinkers, Anaximander, argued - apparently from the fact
> the human infant is so completely helpless - the first humans must'ave been
> incubated by - or perhaps actually were - some kind of fish; & grew up in
> this fashion: "till they were able to help themselves, they then came forth
> on the dry ground"... technically, the wrong answer in just about every

When I was in college I studied Greek mythology. Homer, Lysistrata, Antigone,
all that stuff. It was excellent. Really cool. But I can now see that the
real action was in the sciences or philosophy. I feel like I really missed
the boat. Oh, well. There was only so much time in college in between the
Math and Physics etc.

If one believes in Darwin, then one must believe that Anaximander had it
first. I suggest that the currently in vogue term "Darwininsm" really needs
to be changed to "Anaximanderism".

Maybe then the Kansas Board of Education will rethink their absurd stance on
evolution, hehe.

John Marcus.

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