SETI League internet service restored

Dr. H. Paul Shuch (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 22:22:03 -0400

        The SETI League's internet connections to the outside world, which were
severed for three days in the wake of Hurricane Floyd impacting New Jersey,
appear now to be restored. I apologize for the inconvenience of not being
to access our website or email lists. If you posted a significant message
which did not go through, I invite you to re-post. Thank you for your
patience as the flood waters have been receding. (Headquarters suffered no
damage, and as far as I know all of our members' stations are intact).
        Regards, Paul
H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D., CFII, FBIS
Executive Director, The SETI League, Inc.
433 Liberty Street, PO Box 555
Little Ferry NJ 07643 USA
voice (201) 641-1770; fax (201) 641-1771
Project Argus station FN11LH

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