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> Hi,
> Does anybody know where on the web the locations of GPS satellites can be
> found at a particular time? What I am looking for is the locations on
> 9/18/1999 at 2114 UTC from grid square EN69RD. I am testing a detection
> algorithm and got an extremely strong signal and would like to know just
> how close the GPS satellite was. My dish was pointed south at 28 degrees
> above the horizon, however I don't know if the signal came in that route
> or was picked up by the cables somehow has the satellite went by
> overhead.
> 73,
> Daniel Fox

I just downloaded a fresh set of GPS elements and put the cursor on
what I think is EN69rd (Southern VE3 land?).
There were about 15 GPS sats were visible from that general area. (And the
Boston area too).
Your best candidates were:
SAT Azimuth Elevation
BIIA-18 182 15.5
BIIA-12 236 78.2
BII-07 162 30.7
BII-08 159 14.5

There were some on both coasts that were up at our Latitude
and closer than most, but they were really off to the side a bit..

BIIA-18 being to your south, would most likely be the culprit.
It flies over Nicaragua then up the east coast (NYC), then
swings out to sea after over flying Boston.
It's flying at over 20,000 km high most of the time, so it has
a very large footprint.

When I listen for them, I can hear any that are within 30,000 km
off to the side of my dish. I'm using a RH Helix feed, so the
reflected RH GPS signals that hit my feed are reversed to LH
in an attemp to lower the dBm levels a little. But those that fly in front
of my dish can still cause a hit to be recorded on Mhz
(depending on exact freq being scanned and if a is BPF installed).
I bet some people pick these things up on their bridgework.
73, Rich<>

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