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Robert Owen (
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 01:09:28 -0400

      Subject: A New Search Engine for SW Focus Reports
          Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 16:29:47 -0600
          From: Science-Week <>
Organization: Science-Week

We have installed a local search engine at the SW website to search
the collection of over 100 Focus Reports for specific terms and
names. Each Focus Report consists of 5 to 15 regular reports relating
to a specific topic, the entire collection comprising approximately
1000 reports from back issues of ScienceWeek up to March 1999. Most
of the back issue archive up to that date is therefore in the Focus
Reports, and we hope the new search engine (which searches only SW
reports) will be useful. The new search engine can be accessed
directly at


Another way to use the Focus Reports is via the titles of the
reports. The complete title list (and links) is at


Claire Haller
Managing Editor

Robert M. Owen
The Orion Institute
57 W. Morgan Street
Brevard, NC 28712-3659 USA

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