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It's simply a speculation about a particular kind of signal which might be
detectable from Earth. In subsequent correspondence, i've realised the
following points about the signal:

1) first of all, the recommended system for powering a beamed energy sail is
a synchronised (ie, lasering) beam... atechnology which therefore should'ave
been included with _mirrors or lens_. How i forgot in three drafts to
include the preferred concept is beyond even this addled brain.

2) as the power source is likely to be closely orbiting its powering star,
the source of the beam will be in continuous motion with respect to the
star. Also: as the engery collection area of such a system is likely to be
large in comparison to any conventional planetary surface but with only a
small fraction of the mass, the rotation of this source may very well
eclipse the powering star to a significant extent... albeit while causing
little or no gravitional variation.

Don't necessarily expect this particular selection of characteristics to be
found during such a search; but these are characteristics which might be
identifiable within a detected optical signal.

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Robert Clements <>

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> > > Notwithstanding the X-Files and despite 40 years of effort, SETI (the
> > > Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) research has been
> unsuccessful
> This article is large enough to need an abstract.
> > > One could, however, imagine a designated search experiment being
> conducted
> It is not clear to me what you are proposing which goes beyond the
> normal search for optical anomalies by general astronomy.

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