Re: SETI Re: The Center of the Universe

Yvan Dutil (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 09:06:57 -0400

At 09:57 PM 9/15/99 -0500, Henry Wallace wrote:
>Suppose Hubble could "see to the edge" in
>any direction. The objects at the edge would
>have large doppler, the largest we have seen.
>If these doppler-shifts were more or less constant
>in every direction, then there would be no room
>to argue that the assumption of modern cosmology
>for an isotropic universe is correct. Basically, every
>point in the universe are receeding from each other,
>with each having equal claim to have been at the
>origin of the Big Bang.
>But, thus far, I have only heard of the one report,
>the one direction in which we might be seeing
>the Edge.

You forget the COBE results. It show that the universe
is uniforme to one part in 10000.

Yvan Dutil

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