SETI Re: The Center of the Universe

Randy Stegemeyer (
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 18:00:52 -0700

> > Is it yet possible to estimate Earth's position/
> > velocity relative to the Universal Center??

According to my reference on cosmology, Foundations of Modern Cosmology by John
F. Hawley and Katherine A. Holcomb (Oxford University Press, 1998):

"The concepts of isotropy and homogeneity of the universe are combined into one
overall principle, the cosmological principle, which asserts that all points and
directions in the universe are more or less equivalent, and thus that the
universe is both homogeneous and isotropic. Given the cosmological principle,
we conclude that there is no center of the universe. All points in space are
basically equivalent, and there is no single point that is central, or in any
other way special."

Randy Stegemeyer

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