Re: SETI ET's problem with Doppler.

Henry Wallace (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 15:43:46 -0500

The neighbors just ran me back inside.
I was outside, waving in all possible
directions, just in case the universe is
indeed closed, so that a few billion years
hence some earthbound observer can say
"Yeah that's Henry." I tried all directions, so
that they will sure to recognize me, when the
light curves back around.

Of course, if there is not sufficient mass in
the universe to curve the light back around,
it will be to no avail. In this case, I think an
argument still exists for a Universal Center, if
light travels "straight" from its source. [OK, maybe
a little "aberration"...]

But the claim that, in 1999, we are already
seeing to the edge, makes me expect an
open universe, with light escaping. If we are
indeed seeing the edge, in one direction only,
then the universe likely does not look the same
in all directions.

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