Re: SETI ET's problem with Doppler.

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At 11:36 AM 9/13/99 -0500, Henry Wallace wrote:

>Is it yet possible to estimate Earth's position/
>velocity relative to the Universal Center??

        I think this poses a relativistic problem, Henry. Certainly we know our
position relative to the galactic center, and that is the reference used at
OSU SETI (on the grounds that extra-galactic signals are most likely
undetectable with our current technology). A center of rest for the
Universe, however, is another matter altogether. Since the 3 Kelvin
background radiation is (relatively) uniform in all directions, I suspect
this indicates that any frame of reference will inevitably measure its own
position as being at the center of the Universe! This in not Chauvanism at
work, but rather Einsteinian mechanics.
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