SETI Re: ET's problem with Doppler.

Rich Tyndall (
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 13:58:10 -0400

When I'm using SETIFOX, I always use make sure DOPPLER is enabled
in the config file.

(Takes into account the Doppler shift of the Earth's rotation when
averaging spectra).

I guess we have to do the best we can with what we've got.

PC's for SETI:
Some tweaking of my kid's old 486-66 Compaq Presario Model 524 with
build-in soundboard allows it to work with SETIFOX.
You just have to use the Compaq setup program to set the sound to
IRQ=5 DMA=1 & I/O=0220-022F
The last of these sold out about 4 years (one BA degree) ago. There should
be a few on the used market. cheap. They have everything in one small box.
CDROM, CRT, Spk&Mic 19.2 Modem along with the normal small HDD & 3.5" FDD.

I've upgraded this one with a new 2GB HDD, 24MB RAM & the Evergreen
586-133 CPU, so It can run W98. (SETIFOX runs in DOS mode).

If I do decide to use this old junker for SETIFOX, I'll post a message on
how well
it worked out (up to 20khz with the R2).

Rich <>

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