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At 03:42 PM 9/5/99 +0100, Derek Harrison wrote:

> Somebody, somewhere is saying to me: hey, dumbo, just lend me your
processor and stop asking damn fool questions !
>If well over a million guys like me are willing to particpate in this
astonishing project, I think you ought to pay attention. If nothing else,
they are all potential members of the SETI League !

        I understand your frustration, Derek, and share it. I have the same
difficulty you do getting any good technical information from difficulty you do getting any good technical information from SETI@home.
They are a small handful of volunteers completely overwhelmed by their over
1 million users, and you are right, their tecnical information is buried
deep in their website, not easily accessible. But please remember that
SETI@home is NOT a SETI League project. We have no official affiliation
with them, nor them with us, nor have we any influence on them whatever.
All we share in common is an interest in SETI science, which we approach
from different, complementary directions.
        Your complaint is valid, but is directed to the wrong organization. I
feel like the Sears employee whose customers all complain to him about
service they received at Macy's!
        When the opportunity presents itself, I will forward your comments on to
the the SETI@home team at Berkeley.
        Meanwhile, I sincerely hope SOMEBODY out there will be qualified and able
to write the tehcnical article you request -- but it's not me. I design
small-aperture radio telescopes and coordinate a global all-sky survey. I
am not privy to any more information about am not privy to any more information about SETI@home than you are.
        Sorry if this response disappoints you.
        I have taken the liberty of posting this dialog to our SETI email
discussion list, as I'm sure there are others out there who share your
        Regards, Paul

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