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                                                            * Broadcast
              For three days in late May of 1999, a * Arecibo
              second radio message was deliberately Message
              beamed into the cosmos. The so-called * Encounter
              Cosmic Call was placed by a commercial 2001
              company based in Houston, Texas -
              Encounter 2001 LLC - and used the 70 meter radio telescope at
              Evpatoriya, in the Ukraine. That telescope is part of the
              Russian Deep Space Network, and the broadcast was arranged by
              a couple of Canadian astronomers. The telescope time was
              purchased for $100,000.

              [Image] The broadcast, which was made in 2.5 hour increments
                      over four days, was, once again, a binary coded
[Image][Image]image, very much like the 1974 Arecibo message. It describes
              the solar system, earthly life, and some simple mathematical
              relationships. As it turns out, there are some errors in the
              math of the message which were found too late to be corrected
              in this broadcast, but presumably the extraterrestrials won't
              mind. The 1974 Arecibo message is also being re-sent by
              Cosmic Call. The targets of the broadcast are four nearby
              stars, roughly 60 light-years distant.

              The Cosmic Call is part of a larger commercial operation by
              Encounter 2001 that will include launching a small spacecraft
              bearing photos, hair follicles, and other personal
              paraphenalia from customers. The company also rockets
              cremated remains into space, again on a commercial basis. Two
              more Cosmic Calls are being planned by the company for the
              near future.

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