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 A few weeks ago we told you about an upcoming bio on
Carl Sagan by Keay Davidson titled _Sagan: A Life_.
Now we hear that another bio will also be available in

 Carl Sagan: A Life in the Cosmos
 by William Poundstone (Illustrator)

 Hardcover - 560 pages (October 1999)
 Henry Holt & Company, Inc.; ISBN: 0805057668
 This item will be published in October 1999.

 Book Description

 The first biography of the best-known scientist of his
generation and the author of the best-seller Cosmos.

 In this, the first full-scale examination of the life of
Carl Sagan, award-winning science writer William Poundstone
details the transformation of a bookish young astronomer
obsessed with life on other worlds into science's first
authentic media superstar.

As a fixture on television and a bestselling author,
Sagan became instantly recognizable. To people around
the world, he offered entre into the mysteries of the
cosmos and of science in general. To much of the scientific
community, though, he was something of a pariah, a brazen
publicity seeker who cared more about his image and his
fortune than the advancement of science.

Poundstone reveals the seldom-discussed aspects of Sagan's
life, the legitimate and important work of his early scientific
career, the almost obsessive capacity to take on endless
projects, the multiple marriages and fractured tumultuous
personal life - all essential elements of this complicated
and extraordinary man, truly the first and most famous
scientist of the media age.

 About the Author

 William Poundstone has been twice nominated for the
Pulitzer Prize. Among his seven books are The Recursive
Universe, Labyrinths of Reason, and Big Secrets. He has
also written extensively for network television and major
magazines. He lives in Los Angeles.

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