Re: SETI Newbie questions about the Fresnel Zone Plate Antenna.

Henry Wallace (
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 03:35:08 -0500

Hey David, I REALLY like this !
>Equivalently, you could consider
>it to be the radio hologram of a point source at the feed point, with
>respect to a parallel reference beam along the line from the feed to
>the centre of the rings.

Maybe we could MAKE them this way! Couple of
gigawatt masers ( one for the reference beam ) we
might MELT the aluminum for the bullseye!

Seriously, though, I'm sorry about the 7 meg file.
We got it down to 2.7 meg ( big deal ). Dr. Shuch
says he got it down to just a very few tens of kilobytes,
and that it will go onto the League site later today.

Included will be the zero-ten degree beampattern,
which shows about a -18db first sidelobe.


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