Re: SETI Newbie questions about the Fresnel Zone Plate Antenna.

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Hello Bryce:

The phase of the incoming signal is expected
to be constant ( flat ) across the entire antenna.
That is, as long as the antenna is pointed at
the source. If the antenna is rotated away from
the source, there is a linear phase-shift across
the aperture of the antenna.

A good book, with a neat explanation, is

Fundamentals of Optics, by Jenkins & White.

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> From: Bryce Anderson <>
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> Subject: SETI Newbie questions about the Fresnel Zone Plate Antenna.
> Date: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 11:46 AM
> After struggling with my physics book for a couple of hours, I still
> don't understand how this antenna is supposed to work. Does it act as
> a diffraction grate? Does the incoming signal need to be phased in
> order for it to work? I'm also wondering if it would be possible to
> design the feedhorn in such a way as to get the same phasing effect on
> a parabolic scope.
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