SETI [ASTRO] Budget Cuts Could Shutdown JPL

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>Subject: [ASTRO] Budget Cuts Could Shutdown JPL
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>Budget cuts could shut JPL
>Wednesday July 28, 1999
>By Andrew Bridges
>Pasadena Star-News
>LA CAADA FLINTRIDGE -- A Republican push to slash NASA's $2.2 billion space
>science budget by nearly a third could lead to massive layoffs at the Jet
>Propulsion Laboratory or even closure of the facility and cancellation of
>its Mars, Pluto and other missions.
>A U.S. House subcommittee voted late Monday to cut about 11 percent of the
>President's proposed budget for the National Aeronautics and Space
>Administration. However, the proposed cuts leave the Space Shuttle program
>and international space station largely unscathed, leaving the brunt to fall
>on the agency's Earth and space science programs.
>In JPL's case, the cuts would be devastating, said Larry Dumas, the lab's
>deputy director. Combined NASA funding for Earth and space science programs
>alone makes up $953 million of JPL's roughly $1.2 billion annual budget.
>NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin said the cuts could lead to the closure of
>one to three of the agency's 10 centers around the country. Dumas said JPL
>could be among those closed.
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