SETI [ASTRO] New Evidence of Life on Mars?

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>Subject: [ASTRO] New Evidence of Life on Mars?
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>New Evidence of Life on Mars?
>By Michael Ray Taylor, Discovery News Brief
>July 21, 1999
>New evidence of fossilized bacteria found in two Martian meteorites was
>presented Tuesday at an astrobiology conference in Denver.
>David McKay, co-leader of the NASA team that in 1996 claimed to have found
>fossilized life in a Martian meteorite, presented new images of purported
>Martian fossils, including the first ever taken with a traditional light
>microscope, during the conference's keynote speech.
>In March, team co-leader Everett Gibson revealed electron microscope images
>of purported fossilized bacteria in the Martian meteorites Nakhla and
>Full story here:

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