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Yvan Dutil (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 15:03:55 -0400

At 02:29 PM 7/27/99 -0400, Larry Klaes wrote:
>Apparently due to the recent radio transmissions
>to some nearby stars with Encounter 2001 and the
>other plans for Active SETI, The SETI Institute
>is addressing this with the following Web pages:
>To quote in part:
>"The occasional short messages that are currently being
>done as commercial "demo" projects do not substantially
>contribute to the existing leakage radiation already
>being pumped into space by television and radar.

Well, this is not quite exact. Those active transmission
are going well beyond the noise level of the Earth.
Exactely, like someone use a micro to speak louder than
a croud.

I had the chance to speak with scientist which is a member
of the Comitee for Peaceful Usage of Space. He agree with
me than active SETI fall under the juridiction of the
Outer Space Treaty and a minimal amount of care should be
taken when designing a message since the transmitter become
the ambassador of the Earth, and this notwistanding the
Freedom of Speach granted by the Charter of Rights.

However, he also stated than The CUPOUS will never address
this issue unless they ask for by a Member State. It appear
they fear to be closed by the Senator Helms is they do so.
So until a country dare to ask this question, the active SETI
will continu to operate in an perfectly illegal way, without
any enforcement.

Yvan Dutil

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