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>Jeff wrote:
><< Worse, the cuts disproportionately hit the earth and space sciences
> and aeronautics portions of NASA's budget. Human spaceflight escapes
> with relatively minor cuts, but if the House subcommittee's cuts go
> through, there will be a morgue full of dead planetary and space science
> missions... >>
>Virtually everything is being sacrificed to keep station going - this is the
>continuation of a trend we've seen for the past decade, or nearly. The
>shocking thing to me is, we're getting strong indications that there are
>places worth exploring, many places with much to teach us. Europa's probable
>ocean. . .Mars, of course. . .extrasolar planets. . .trans-Neptunian
>Centaurs. . .various unexpectedly complex (and consequential, for life on
>Earth) concentrations of asteroids - all beckon as we move into the 21st
>century, but we're wasting our time and money on building a station the
>way - something like the costliest way possible, in fact (the Service Module
>delays, maneuvering problems, bad air, unexplained spin, etc. are only the
>start of our ISS adventure). It blows my mind.
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