Re: SETI Helping outsiders learn, while focussing ourselves.

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Mon, 26 Jul 1999 23:40:03 -0700

>In a message dated 7/26/99 4:48:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>> Dr. Shuch,
>> The lack of a search facility is the biggest deficiency of the SETI
>> web site for an alpha index is woefully inadequate for the quantity of
>> information available. While its true that an on-site implemented
>> may not be suitable for implementation on the SL site there is a FREE
>> alternative. You can use the large commercial web search engines as
>> search mechanism. The downside is that we have to live with the
>> advertisements.
>Paul, I can verify that this is fact works. Altavista has, apparently,
>indexed the Seti League's web site, whether we like it or not.
>It seems like an easy implementation. Consider it.
>John Marcus.

That's correct. Altavista and the other large search engines run automated
robotic index programs that scour the net. Any publicly exposed web pages
will sooner or later be indexed by these "Bots" unless the META tag of the
HTML page is set to deflect robot indexing.

A little Javascript and the SL web site will instantly have search

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