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>MIRNEWS.463 24 =
>JULY 1999
>2nd spacewalk (EVA) 27th Main Expedition MIR:
>This time Afanasyev and Avdeyev 'walked' in open space and Haignere =
>stayed inside to lend assistance, act as a liaison between TsUP and his =
>comrades outside and to make video and photos.
>The exit hatch of the Sh.S.O. (airlock of the Module-D) was opened 9 =
>minutes before the scheduled time. So for a while some profit of time, =
>but all activities during the EVA lasted longer than planned and so did =
>the EVA. The hatch swung open at 1106UTC and was closed behind the =
>cosmonauts at 1713UTC, so a duration of 6 hrs and 7 minutes, 28 minutes =
>longer than had been foreseen in the original plan.=20
>The number of tasks was quite substantial and not all of them could be =
>accomplished. One item had been added to the schedule, i.e. the search =
>for an air-leakage in the hull of the module Kvant-2 (Module-D). We =
>still remember how difficult it was to find the leakage in the hull of =
>the module-O (Spektr) during EVA-s and also with the help of gaseous =
>dyemarkers for observations from departing Shuttles, and so it is not =
>difficult to conclude that this task would be a mission impossible. The =
>fact that the cosmonauts at least had to give it a try clearly =
>indicates that specialists at TsUP consider the leakage, though very =
>small, to be a serious problem. Ultimately they did not find the =
>A lot of time was consumed during attempts to deploy a new system for =
>the deployment of antennae for satellites. This antenna was a =
>Russian-Georgean project. The parabolic reflector antenna had to be =
>installed at the Sofora girder and deployed with a remote control. =
>Afanasyev was able to open the antenna for 80 or 90%. During the =
>following EVA the cosmonauts will try to achieve 100%. If they do not =
>succeed the antenna they will get rid of it.=20
>During the EVA the cosmonauts had to retrieve some experiments from the =
>outersurface. They succeeded to do so with the experiments Exobiology =
>and Dvikon.=20
>Exobiology is a study to determine the possibility for survival in open =
>space of organic samples wrapped up in meteoritelike materials. Dvikon =
>is a study to determine and measure the effects ot the exhaust of MIR's =
>engines on materials nearby. Due to lack of time they did not try to =
>retrieve the experiment Spica.=20
>The EVA ended in a great hurry due to a failure of the thermoregulation =
>in the spacesuit of Afanasyev. A filter was overheated.=20
>Communications: A serious handicap for cosmonauts who have to do EVA-s =
>is the fact that there is not a single geostationary communication =
>satellite available. A lot of crucial activities they had to do when =
>they were out of range of groundfacilities, for instance the opening of =
>the exit hatch. The communications between MIR and TsUP took place on =
>143.625 mc (UKW-1) as well as on 130.165 mc (UKW-2). As always during =
>EVA-s 7 kc/s lower than normal.=20
>When MIR came in range during orbit 76715 at 1640UTC, the hatch was =
>still open. During the first passes within my range TsUP and the =
>cosmonauts experienced a lot of noise caused by cross modulation from =
>air-traffic control centers. So the help of Haignere as a relaystation =
>was very useful.=20
> The cosmonauts got orders to close the hatches between the air lock and =
>the P.N.O. and the P.N.O. and P.G.O (respectively the =
>scientific-instrument compartment and the instrument-cargo compartment) =
>of the module which is leaking air, Module-D.=20
>3rd EVA: This EVA is scheduled for 28.07.1999 between 1020 and 1530UTC. =
> Which of the Russians will make this EVA together with Haignere was not =
>yet known during the hard disc preparation of this report.=20
>Chris van den Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202
> =20

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