Re: SETI Re: PC Controlled Radios

Marcia Steelman (
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 22:01:30 -0400

Hello Dr. Paul.

Thanks for your valuable advice. I am going ahead and try the WinRadio
1500e. Then we will be able to see how it performs.

Then we will be able to see how we would be operating the station, and
Dan will be able to choose between the two receivers: the 1500e and the
Seeker 2000. As the Seeker 2000 does not have any LCD or fancy stuff he
will be able to use it for sure.

They give just $1 per Seeker 2,000 we purchase. And I thought I was
cheap! <ROTFL> I can't help it's is in my Jewish DNA.<grin>

Now I am moving to the next big step: the antenna. <grin>

Have a great night!

Marcia Steelman

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