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At 04:05 PM 7/25/99 -0400, Marcia Steelman wrote:

>When you write about professional WinRadio, do you mean the 3000iDSP or

I personally would consider the WinRadio 1500e as a good value for Project
Argus use. Being external, it is more robust in terms of
computer-generated RFI. There are of course higher end WinRadio models
(such as the 3100), but they are quite a bit more expensive.

Still, I think the best bargain out there right now is the Seeker 2000 from
Radio Astronomy Supplies. For $1200 you get everything you need except for
the dish, computer, and a few cables. Hard to beat. (No, this is not a
commercial announcement. Nor is there a conflict of interest here, as The
SETI League receives as our royalty a token $1 per Seeker 2000 system sold.)
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