SETI Re: PC Controlled Radios (was: [bogus subject] Is this an Europan?)

Marcia Steelman (
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 16:05:01 -0400


Thanks for you answer. We are having a communication problem here, since
English is not my first language. Please bear with me.

Well, they are obviouly receivers, and that's why I thought we might
need one for that station <ROTFL>. When I said "receiver", I really
meant a stand alone receiver that does not need a computer to control
it. <grin>

I was really concerned about the computer generated noise, for the case
of the card, and I read the article of the vendor, but I don't trust it.
I already had my share of sales pitch with equipment, and that's why I
placed the question in the list. Additionally, in the SETI League there
is a warning against the internal cards, but there is also one of the
Argus stations that would be using it. That prompted my question.

We thought about using a PC controlled receiver (internal or external),
so Dan could use it. We both have Windows development tools (he is a
software developer, and I am do risk assessment modeling).

We could certainly write another program to control the card, but we
would not like to do it, since it would be a hell of a task, that's why
I asked if anybody had tried to use it, with a speech program. We would
rather spend our time to improve on something, taking us one step

When you write about professional WinRadio, do you mean the 3000iDSP or

Marcia S.

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