SETI PC Controlled Radios (was: [bogus subject] Is this an Europan?)

David Woolley (
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 10:49:01 +0100 (BST)

> from somebody about their experience of having an external ISA card,
These are mutually incompatible; I think the WinRadio *e models use
the serial port.

> like Icom PRC1000 and WinRadio 1500e, against a receiver.

They are receivers!

> a. Price: 2000 bucks can cause havoc in my finances, against 200-400
> dollars that won't, since we already have computers, that we can leave
> dedicated to the stations.

Looking at the specs, you might need the professional model of the WinRadio,
for which the price differential is not that great. The main quoted
parameter is dynamic range, and with sufficiently good external filtering
you might well live with poor receiver dynamic range.

The general technical issue, though computer generated noise, although
the seller of one of these (WinRadio, I think) has written an article
suggesting that this is not a real problem, and which should somewhere on
the web site.

> b. Speech friendly equipment: whatever we get, at least for Dan has to
> be speech friendly, since he is totally blind. Has anybody in this group
> tried to use WinRadio with a speech synthesizer like Jaws or Windows
> Eyes? Do you know of any receivers that do not have LCD displays,
> because that is a problem for him too?

WinRadio publish and API, and I would strongly suspect that the right
approach is to program a text mode interface to that API, rather than
try and use the Windows interface. I think there may be Linux drivers,
as well, which may mean that the serial protocol has been released.
Of course, you have to find someone with Windows development tools;
Linux would be an easier target if programming information has been

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