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Thank you for your email Kerlin. I am helping the SETI LEAGUE's
Dr. SETI answer some of his email.

It is good that you are tracking the It is good that you are tracking the seti@home outputs. I started doing
this too after the 5'th data unit and I have completed a total of 28 data
units myself. I bought a record book and I log when each data unit starts
and all the pertinent parameters (RA, DEC, date-time-group, Frequency).
When a data unit completes I log the peak power and gaussian power
results and associated parameters and CPU Time. I don't need to do all
this of course but it is just interesting to me to see what little information
I can garner out of it (nothing like what the Berkeley group is getting though
with their 800,000 or so members).

Well, the answer to your question is that each subscriber to Well, the answer to your question is that each subscriber to seti@home
does not recieve uniformly sampled (distributed) data sets relative to the
water hole hydrogen line frequency. It could be for example that the
next 30 data sets you recieve will all be above the water hole hydrogen.
I checked my data too and I found data sets were all very close to the
hydrogen line frequency. 12 of my data units were above the hydrogen
line frequency and 11 below (I did not log the frequency for the other 5
data units I processed).

The other thing is that although you are accurate when you say the "water
hole band" lies between the hydrogen line frequency and the OH (hydroxyl)
line frequency, many of us are a bit "loose" about the definition. For example
I usually think of the "water hole" as the frequency band extending from
approximately 1 to 10 GHz as the place where the radio noise spectrum is
minimal (here on Earth). Above the Earths atmosphere the band extends
approximately 1 to 100 GHz ...

Hope I have answered your questions Kerlin.

Best Regards to you,

Al Aburto

By the way there is a mailing list for By the way there is a mailing list for seti@home that you can subscribe
to. Send email to with the following in the body
of the email (and nothing else): subscribe setiathome

> "Dr. H. Paul Shuch" wrote:

> At 07:44 PM 7/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Why not share the load? If you or your secretary sent me a portion
> >of those emails you get then I'd help!
> Thanks for the kind offer, Al. Here's one you can start with, if you wish.
> Regards, Paul
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> Subject: Working near hydrogen line
> Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 19:42:19 -0700
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> The University of California Berkeley is running a research program called
> > SETI@Home. A software program can be downloaded by the public to run on
> their PCs and the program processes datasets from the SETI program looking
> for extraterrestial signals in the "water hole" frequency spectrum.
> The international community has agreed not to transmit signals in the
> frequency range of 1.420 -1.427 MHz, and there are no spectral line
> transmissions in the "water hole" between 1.420405751 and 1.64, the
> frequency lines for Hydogen and hydroxl ions. > frequency lines for Hydogen and hydroxl ions. SETI@home states this is
> the range within which they look because it's the quiet zone. Makes sense.
> I would expect to see frequency datasets at or above the hydrogen line
> and below the hydroxol line. Not so.
> Question: I have processed 30 datasets of SETI data. The sampling
> frequencies have been below
> the "water hole" and not within the water hole for the most part. Why
> would this be? See below.
> This seems inconsistent with their quiet zone idea. I didn't get an answer
> from them; thought you might have some idea. Thanks.
> Datasets Received
> Water Hole:
> Lowest Value: 1.418847654 GHz Lower
> bound is hydrogen line=
> Highest : 1.421142576
> 1.420405751 GHz
> Average : 1.419835842
> Median : 1.419814451
> % below hydrogen line = 85.4%
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