Re: SETI Is this an Europan?

Marcia Steelman (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 11:46:03 -0400

Good morning everybody,

I am new to SETI and I am still doing my homework, figuring out the best
configuration for a station for me, and another for a cousin, that
thinks the idea is really nifty. We already went through most of the
website links, and now we are shopping around.

I started looking for the options on receivers, and I would like to hear
from somebody about their experience of having an external ISA card,
like Icom PRC1000 and WinRadio 1500e, against a receiver.

I also have other concerns, that are basically two:

a. Price: 2000 bucks can cause havoc in my finances, against 200-400
dollars that won't, since we already have computers, that we can leave
dedicated to the stations.

b. Speech friendly equipment: whatever we get, at least for Dan has to
be speech friendly, since he is totally blind. Has anybody in this group
tried to use WinRadio with a speech synthesizer like Jaws or Windows
Eyes? Do you know of any receivers that do not have LCD displays,
because that is a problem for him too?

Well, I already wrote too much for a newbie. Thanks for you time.

Marcia Steelman

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