Re: SETI Satellite dishes & Seti League

Bo Cheerful (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 15:25:57 -0400

I'm sorry. When I first visited your site I went into the membership
information link, mailing list link, and Argus information page where I
encountered something like "Seti League doesn't sell the systems to our
members anymore, you have to acquire it on your own" or something like that.
Then when I tried to get back to the main page web traffic was busy I guess
and your server was slow that night. Yesterday was better and I spent time
looking at your site. You've done a great job. I understand now that the
whole system bought new would be about $4,000. You say on the microwave
receiver page that the Icom receivers (ex. R-8500, etc.) are $2000 whick is
as much as all the other components together. You can reduce the $300 to
$400 for the new parabolic dish if you can find a used one in good condition
for about $0 to $100 according to the "Scounger" booklet. ANd you can get
the Icom PRC1000 ($1000) for half the price of the R-8500 ($2000). I found
the PCR1000 on the icomamerica web page but I saw no mention of the WinRadio
1500e. Where is that at? And why do these computer periferials cost so much,
after all the computer is doing most of the work? Couldn't they sell
profitably for say $200 or $300? I guess I'll just stick with the Berekeley
seti@home screensaver project. I really can't afford to spend $3000 to $4000
on a project like this. Its a neat idea though. I just wish it was cheaper,
especially the microwave receiver (either stand-alone or pc-dependant).

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