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Hello all,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that on July 28, 1999, the
International Space Sciences Organization will officially be launched. I'll
be giving the launch presentation through a national radio broadcast from 8
pm to 10 pm Pacific, as a guest of Jeff Rense's Sightings program. Please
plan on visiting the ISSO web site at on that date for further
details. Station listings by city will be provided, and the transmission
will also be available on

Also, I'd like to bring your attention to two outstanding books recently

The first is The Marriage of Sense and Soul, by Ken Wilber.

Ken is one of the world's most perceptive and lucid philosophers, and his
writings are sure to be remembered for decades, perhaps centuries, to come.

In Sense and Soul, Wilber takes the reader through an excellent
philosophical discussion of the ontological paradigms of science and
religion, and reaches for the conclusion which represents one of the
fundamental assertions of my own writings: that science and various
traditions of spirituality, however imperfectly institutionalized over time,
represent essential and complementary aspects of being.

As readers of my writings know, I believe that science measures and spirit
experiences the same ontological unity. Wilber describes more completely
than I have thus far a very similar worldview.

The second title I'd recommend you pick up is Future War: Non-Lethal Weapons
in Twenty-First-Century Warfare, by John Alexander.

The correlation between my writings and Alexander's rests in the idea that
the realization of the sweeping visions that are now becoming plausible for
21st Century society require that we pursue real, tangible steps to end the
endemic human propensity for use of force in conflict resolution. If mankind
is to evolve on a Cosmic stage and interact with lifeforms advanced perhaps
millions or billions of years beyond homo sapiens, we must change our
persistent pattern of aggressive behavior. Until there is a fundamental
shift in consciousness, no amount of wishing is going to stop conflicts.

No longer a voice in the wilderness, Alexander's work has received the
endorsement of many senior military officials. Popular authors, such as Tom
Clancy and Michael Crichton have inculcated Alexander's concepts in their
books, thus influencing public opinion. Future War contains the first
foreword that Tom Clancy has written. Drafted in 1997, Future War
prophetically described the events at Columbine High with uncanny accuracy.
Other events are coming to pass. To know our intermediate future I recommend
you read this authoritative work.

Having had the opportunity to visit with senior officials from every branch
of our military, I can state with the highest degree of confidence that the
use of military force characterized by 20th Century conflicts cannot be
presumed to be effective in dealing with the fundamental threats of the
future. As technology improves the individual's ability to project mass
lethal force through chemical, biological, and even nuclear means, the
strategic landscape which underlies military charters fundamentally changes.
The focus for the investment of our resources sharpens where it has always
been directed, but now with far greater intensity: individual ethics and
education worldwide -- things no machine of war can ever ultimately deliver.

Of course, it's easier for human beings to live peacefully with each other
when their aspirations are given the freedom to soar beyond conflict and
materialism, as the 30th anniversary of the greatest achievement in human
history should remind us.

With that kind of vision as the high water mark to guide us, we're hard at

Best regards,

Joe Firmage

Chairman, Int'l Space Sciences Organization

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