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At 06:29 PM 7/22/99 -0400, Bo Cheerful wrote:

>Why doesn't the Seti League's web pages
>explain all these things in detail so inexperienced people like me knows how
>hard or easy it will be to get involved with this project?

Pardon me, sir, I thought that's exactly what The SETI League website did!
You will find among its 1600 documents (totaling more than 50 MBytes!) a
mini-manual outlining the basics of a SETI station, a 150-page tech manual
giving details about every part of a SETI station, dozens of articles by
our members dealing with every aspect of software, hardware and search
strategy, all 19 back-issues of SearchLites, our quarterly newsletter,
email and web addresses for contacting your local Regional Coordinator, all
SETI League editorials and press releases covering our five-year existence,
and all of my back "Ask Dr. SETI" columns. What more could you possibly
need, other than someone to do your browsing for you?
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