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>From: Willie Koorts <wpk@SAAO.AC.ZA>
>Subject: Nice software
>Hi Folks
>I recently downloaded David Heralds's Occult 4.0 Software
>( and while playing with
>it last night was pleasantly surprised with what it could do. Apart from
>doing occultation calculations (what it is intended for), this program
>also does a massive amount of supplementary astronomical calculations. I
>don't know what the accuracy of the output is like over long time scales
>though - you will have to check with the author or read through all the
>documentation ... ha-ha.
>I know there are other (better) places to get this information, but what
>interested me most was how quick and easy it presents the details on
>eclipses but in particular transits of Venus and Mercury, complete with
>world maps on visibility (zoom-able for an eclipse). I made some
>screen-shots which I just added to my 1882 Transit of Venus pages - see
> for one such example.
>I heard somewhere that a new version of this program is in due soon.
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