Re: SETI-L: Alive or Dead?

David Woolley (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 08:33:25 +0100 (BST)

> Is the SETI-L open-list is dead?

It's not really a SETI-L proprietory list.

It's dying because all the potential new members are on alt.sci.seti
(although the quality of the postings is poorer and many of them are
"my "my SETI@Home is faster than yours", or "how do I make it so". Strangely
I recognize no regulars on the group and Dr Shuch is no show
on dejanews in any group.

I think there is a need to review the charter for the list in the light
of alt.sci.seti, and especially if sci.astro.seti is formed.

Options are:

- close it, to avoid balkanisation of popular discussion of SETI
  (this is already happening with regional lists, often with non-
  regional content, and commercial chat room based sites);

- move it up market, somehow - this may require moderation;

- make it into a digest of vaguely SETI related articles from other
  lists and newsgroups :-);

- leave it as it is and watch it age.

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