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>Greetings! Here are two recent SpaceDev news releases:
> SpaceDev Sells Ride to Asteroid
>July 20, 1999 (Poway, California) - SpaceDev, Inc. (OTC-BB: SPDV) has
made its first commercial sale of a payload ride to deep space on its
planned Near Earth Asteroid Prospector (NEAP) spacecraft. The company has
signed a contract with Dojin Limited in Tyler, Texas, to deliver a package
from Earth to near-Earth asteroid Nereus.
>The NEAP mission is one of a series of missions SpaceDev is defining as
part of its long-range strategy of conducting commercial deep-space
missions. NEAP is planned to be injected on a trajectory to the near-Earth
asteroid Nereus in January 2002 and should rendezvous with the small, 1-km
diameter body approximately four months later to conduct a variety of
characterizations and observations using remote sensing instruments and
ejectable surface instrument packages.
>Dojin announced this week its Cosmic Voyage 2000 (CV2K) program, which
makes it possible for people to become "digital passengers" aboard the NEAP
vehicle by integrating their digital presence -- image, identity, personal
messages, etc. - on a CD-ROM to be launched and preserved in space. Dojin
states that a portion of the proceeds from the CV2K program will be donated
to charity or help promote the commercialization of space, as directed by
each paying customer.
>"SpaceDev offers package delivery rides from our commercial price list
which defines a variety of services for NEAP, and we are pleased to have
this concept validated. NASA delivered astronauts to the moon thirty years
ago, and now commercial companies can deliver packages to other planetary
bodies," said Jim Benson, Chairman and CEO of SpaceDev.
>The $200,000 contract calls for SpaceDev to integrate the Dojin-supplied
CD-ROM package into the NEAP vehicle and to successfully launch it into
space. Dojin and SpaceDev are considering augmenting this contract with
additional low-mass payloads.
>"This contract validates one of the several revenue producing approaches
we are offering on the NEAP project," said Benson.
>NEAP will be the first mission to deliver payloads - not necessarily
science payloads - beyond Earth orbit using ordinary commercial business
practices. In addition to rides for payloads attached to NEAP, SpaceDev
also offers to deliver ejectable instruments or technology test packages to
the surface of Nereus. SpaceDev also intends to deliver complete
science-quality data sets generated by SpaceDev-supplied instruments back
to investigators and researchers on Earth. SpaceDev previously announced a
letter of intent with the University of Arizona to provide two such
instruments onboard NEAP - a multi-band camera and a neutron spectrometer.
>"We at Dojin Limited ( are extremely excited
about this unique opportunity and feel very fortunate to be the first
commercial participant in SpaceDev's historic deep space science mission,"
said Rick Barrett, Dojin spokesperson.
>SpaceDev (, a two-year-old, 70-person company based in
Poway, in northern San Diego County, is the world's first commercial space
exploration and development company. Co-located in new Poway facilities
are SpaceDev's corporate offices, its wholly owned subsidiary Integrated
Space Systems ( and the firm's Space Missions Division.
The company's other wholly owned subsidiary, Space Innovations, Limited
(, is in Newbury, England.
>The Space Missions Division recently completed a study of low-cost Mars
micromissions for JPL, which are estimated to cost NASA less than $50
million. SIL is under contract to build an Earth orbiting microsatellite
for Australia, and sells a variety of low-cost, small-satellite subsystems
and ground-tracking equipment.
>For more information, contact:
>SpaceDev: Jim Benson, Chairman and CEO - (858) 375-2020
>Dojin: Rick Barrett, - 214-752-5281
>SpaceDev and Lockheed Martin Astronautics Announce Cooperative Marketing
Development Program
>SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 1999--SpaceDev(OTCBB:SPDV - news) and
>Lockheed Martin Astronautics(NYSE:LMT - news) today announced they will work
>cooperatively to investigate the development and marketing of lower cost
>access for small payloads directly to civilian and defense agencies,
>technology demonstration projects and space explorers.
>SpaceDev, headquartered in Poway, Calif., is the world's first commercial
>exploration and development company.
>SpaceDev and Lockheed Martin plan to stack two or more SpaceDev MiniSIL(TM)
>spacecrafts onto a Lockheed Martin Athena launch vehicle, thereby filling the
>payload fairing with SpaceDev's standardized spacecraft buses. SpaceDev
will then
>solicit science or technology demonstration payloads to rideshare on these
>spacecrafts by selling "tickets'' from a commercial price list which
includes mission
>design, mission integration, integration into the spacecraft, system test,
>and mission operations. Customers may purchase a slot on one of the
>or they may purchase one or more entire spacecraft.
>These smaller payloads generally weigh 55 to 120 pounds (25 to 55 kg) each
>require a volume of approximately 2.8 to 11.25 cubic feet (.25 to one
cubic meter).
>If requested, both launch and mission insurance can also be provided. By
>these secondary payloads into a primary business, customers can be assured
of a
>ride to space with a schedule and program designed just for them. As a
>SpaceDev and Lockheed Martin believe the fledgling market for smaller
>may burgeon into a multi-million dollar business annually. Lockheed Martin
>envisions that launches of these smaller payloads eventually could account
for 10
>to 30 percent of the revenues for its Athena launch services business.
>Jim Benson, chief executive officer of SpaceDev, said, "The selection of the
>Lockheed Martin Athena launch vehicle is important to us because it
>another part of our strategic plan to become a full service, vertically
>space company offering a complete range of low cost space products and
>This moves us another step closer to realizing our long-term corporate
>"This new service should appeal to a number of individuals and
organizations with
>ideas for small payloads,'' said Larry Price, director of Small Launch
Vehicles for
>Lockheed Martin Astronautics. "With SpaceDev, we will seek opportunities
in this
>underserved market.''
>SpaceDev is offering complete, fixed price packages for payload rides
priced at
>approximately $4 million, or an entire spacecraft with customer payloads for
>approximately $17 million. Both packages include project management, mission
>integration, spacecraft, payload integration and test, Athena launch service,
>launch campaign and range costs. Separately priced options include mission
>operations, ground systems, launch and payload insurance.
>"Our innovative relationship with Lockheed Martin permits SpaceDev for the
>time to combine reduced payload launch costs with our inexpensive MiniSIL(TM)
>satellites, and could help increase the overall demand for access to space
>potential customers could get a bigger bang for their buck,'' said Benson.
>SpaceDev owns Integrated Space Systems (ISS) of Poway, Calif., and Space
>Innovations Limited (SIL) of Newbury, England. SIL is developing the standard
>MiniSIL(TM) satellite with the United Kingdom government. SpaceDev
>include mission design, aerospace engineering services, launch vehicle
design and
>analysis, deep space spacecraft design and manufacture, small low cost
>earth-orbiting satellite design and manufacture, satellite ground stations,
>spacecraft subsystems such as S- and X-band transmitters and receivers, power
>conditioning systems, high reliance spacecraft computers and special
expertise in
>spacecraft telecommunications. With headquarters in Poway, Calif.,
SpaceDev is a
>Colorado chartered corporation with additional sales offices in Arlington,
>Astronautics is one of the operating units of Lockheed Martin`s Space &
>Missiles Sector headquartered in Bethesda, Md. Astronautics designs,
>tests and manufactures a variety of advanced technology systems for space and
>defense. Chief products include planetary spacecraft and other space systems,
>space launch systems and ground systems.
>Headquartered in Bethesda, Md. Lockheed Martin is a highly diversified global
>enterprise principally engaged in the research, design, development,
>and integration of advanced-technology systems, products and services. The
>corporation's core businesses span space and telecommunications, electronics,
>information and services, aeronautics, energy and systems integration.
>more than 161,000 people worldwide, Lockheed Martin had 1998 sales surpassing
>$26 billion.
>Note: News releases and other information on SpaceDev can be accessed at:
> ISS:; SIL: SpaceDev:
>I was a keynote speaker at the 5th ISMMA (International Symposium on Mine
Mechanization and Automation) conference in Sudbury, Ontario this June.
"ISMMA" and "TELEMIN 1" will brought together the community of miners,
researchers, academics and manufacturers in a congenial
setting to review needs, approaches, advances, plans and
dreams. Exploration, mining methods, software, automated and
teleremote mining equipment will be areas of discussion.
>Mark your calendars for the 8th annual Space Frontier Foundation
Conference in Los Angeles, the best in the world for space entrepreneurs.
September 23-26. Venture capitalists should make a special effort to
attend, if you want to know who is making what happen in space
>Thank you for you interest and support!
>Jim Benson
>The foregoing press release includes numerous forward-looking statements
concerning the companies' business and future prospects and other similar
statements that do not concern matters of historical fact. The federal
securities laws provide a limited "safe harbor'' for certain
forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this press
release relating to product development, business prospects and development
of a commercial market for technological advances are based on the
companies' current expectations. The companies' current expectations are
subject to all of the uncertainties and risks customarily associated with
new business ventures including, but not limited to, market conditions,
successful product development and acceptance, competition and overall
economic conditions, as well as the risk of adverse regulatory actions. The
companies' actual results may differ materially from current expectations.
Readers are cautioned not to put undue reliance on forward-!
>looking statements. The companies disclaim any intent or obligation to
update publicly these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of
new information, future events or for any other reason.
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