SETI [ASTRO] Workshop on Photolysis and Radiolysis of Outer Solar System Ices

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>Subject: [ASTRO] Workshop on Photolysis and Radiolysis of Outer Solar
System Ices
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>WORKSHOP on Photolysis and Radiolysis of Outer Solar System Ices (PROSSI)
>March 27-29, 2000
>Sponsored by NASA Headquarters, Office of Space Sciences and
>Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
>for detailed information see:
> This workshop brings together two communities: laboratory groups
>studying ices and the effects of photolysis and radiolysis and the remote
>sensing groups studying icy objects in the outer solar system and grains
>in the interstellar medium. The workshop provides a forum for integrating
>the latest laboratory measurements with the exciting new observations by
>such missions as Galileo, ISO, and HST. In addition, it provides a format
>for discussing the expected data from such upcoming missions as CASSINI,
>Rosetta, Deep Space 4, and CONTOUR. Reviews and discussions of the
>physical and chemical alterations caused by photolysis and radiolysis are
>paired with presentations of the remote sensing observations of the ISM
>and solar system objects exhibiting evidence for radiation effects.
>Workshop Format
> The workshop comprises reviews, discussions, and posters. Morning
>sessions open with a 45 minute review on a focused subtopic followed by 90
>minutes of discussion. During the discussion sessions attendees are
>invited to present material relevant to the subtopic. Discussion
>presentations are limited to 2 viewgraphs, and are moderated by workers in
>both the laboratory and remote sensing communities. Afternoon sessions
>focus on posters. Registered participants who submit a one page abstract
>will be given poster space to present their most recent work; all
>attendees are strongly encouraged to participate in the poster
>presentations in addition to the discussion sessions. At the end of each
>day during the wrap-up plenary session, the moderators will summarize the
>discussion session and the relevant posters.
> To receive additional announcements and notes concerning this
>workshop submit an expression of interest at:
> by 15 August 1999. All registration will
>be handled electronically. Early registration and abstract submission
>deadline is 14 February 2000; the late registration deadline is 10 March
> Monday, 27 March 2000
> Review of observations: Where do we see evidence for the effects of
>photolysis, radiolysis, and thermal processing?
>* Interstellar Medium
> Invited Reviewer: P. Ehrenfreund,
> Moderators: L. d'Hendercourt & M. E. Palumbo
>* Comets
> Invited Reviewer: M. Mumma,
> Moderators: A. Stern & B. Donn
>* Planetary Surfaces
> Invited Reviewer: D. Cruikshank,
> Moderators: B. Carlson & R. Brown
> Tuesday, 28 March 2000
> Review of the physical and chemical alterations caused by photolysis
>and radiolysis
>* Interpreting Planetary Spectra
> Invited Reviewer: R. Clark
>* Ice Structures
> Invited Reviewer: P. Devlin,
> Moderators: T. McCord & V. Buch
>* Structural Alterations
> Invited Reviewer: T. Orlando,
> Moderators: R. Johnson & B. Kay
>* Chemical Alterations
> Photolysis, Invited Reviewer: M. Bernstein,
> Radiolysis, Invited Reviewer: R. Hudson,
> Moderators: L. Allamandola & M. Moore
> Wednesday, 29 March 2000
> Relation of laboratory measurements to solar system observations
>* The Physical State of Ice
> Invited Reviewer: T. Roush,
> Moderators: R. Baragiola & A. L. Lane
>* Laboratory Measurements Applied to Missions
> Planetary Missions, Invited Reviewer: W. Smythe,
> Cometary Missions, Invited Reviewer: J. Bell,
> Moderators: T. Johnson & J. Veverka
>* Limitations of Laboratory Simulations
> Invited Reviewer: B. Schmitt,
> Moderators: G. Strazzulla & A. Bar-Nun

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