SETI BIS book on Mars life

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Tue, 20 Jul 1999 17:34:01 -0400

BIS has also released a new book titled
The Search for Life on Mars. More details
at this Web page:


At 03:29 PM 07/20/1999 +1000, Clements, Robert wrote:

>Haven't seen this article plugged here; so your attention is drawn to the
>British Interplanetary Society's journal page; @:
> An abstract of
>the piece appears in some illegible (@ least on _this_ computer screen_
>type)... to get the article itself (.pdf format), you click on Garber's
>name. The author is from NASA's history office; but the conclusions he draws
>from this sorry episode are rather better than some santitising restatement
>of the agency line.
>The other article - Brian Marsden on what-went-wrong with the discovery of
>1997 XF11 is also worth a look... even if i still think the guy made a
>mistake with his announcement....
>All the best,
>Robert Clements <>

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