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> Can anyone help this chap with educational materials?
>Thanks -- Paul
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>>Dear Dr. Shuch,
>>Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bob Sylvia, and I am a
>>Physical Science teacher at Hesperia High School (Hesperia, CA). As a
>>first-year teacher, I am in the process of preparing my classroom/curriculum
>>for the upcoming school year and would like to use materials related to the
>>SETI program to augment a class unit centered on Astronomy. To that end, I
>>was wondering if the SETI League would be willing to donate any materials to
>>my classroom which illustrate the scope and intent of SETI research.
>>Specifically, I am looking for posters, pictures, videos, brochures, or
>>other materials that describe how the SETI research team is using scientific
>>concepts and principles to accomplish its mission/vision. Given the fact
>>that I am teaching in a rural area, many of my students have had very
>>limited exposure to the world of science and possess little if any knowledge
>>of the SETI program. Despite their lack of science education, I firmly
>>believe that my kids will be fascinated by the search for extra-terrestrial
>>intelligence (I have to ask myself...who wouldn't be?). I realize that like
>>most private, non-profit organizations, SETI is constantly seeking new
>>sources of funding to continue its research efforts and that requests like
>>this one tend to drain what limited resources are currently available.
>>Recognizing this fact, any assistance that your group can provide is greatly
>>appreciated. In the event that the SETI League is able to assist me, I
>>would ask that the materials be sent to the following address (I am listing
>>my home address due to the fact that Hesperia High School is presently
>>closed for summer break):
>>Bob Sylvia
>>12350 Reata Road
>>Apple Valley, CA 92308
>>Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to
>>hearing from a SETI League representative in the very near future (I can be
>>contacted using the e-mail address provided below). Thanks again!
>>Bob Sylvia
>>Hesperia High School
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